2014 is the Year of Cheap Tickets

Image 2014 is the year of bargain priced ticketsWe at fly.co.uk and our readers have known how to get cheap flights for a long time now. However, this year should see particularly low fares, because 2014 is the year of bargain priced tickets.

Just a few years ago, you could still fly to a major European city or jet off to the Mediterranean for 49 euro’s. Travel enthusiasts who look back longingly on those days can therefore find solace in the fact that cheap tickets are making a comeback. Because the tough competition in Europe has reached a new level, airline tickets will probably be much cheaper this summer than they were last season. Behind all this is the fact that, rather than the new airlines, it is the market leaders who are facing off in a price war.

Easyjet Shows its Teeth with Low Prices

The British Easyjet has announced that it is competing for new customers with cheaper tickets. This means that Hamburg, for example, will soon have service to 17 destinations rather than six, accommodating an extra 500,000 passengers. Without cheaper airfares that goal cannot be reached. For Easyjet, as for many other airlines, it is a matter of one-upmanship with the competition, so as to position themselves for the future.

Lufthansa Strengthens Low Cost Subsidiary German Wings

Germany’s largest airline Lufthansa will hand over additional routes to German Wings as of March. Numerous flights that do not depart from the departure airports in Munich or Frankfurt am Main are affected. Thus, for example, it could be considerably cheaper to go to Cologne, Stuttgart or Hannover from London. Overall, German Wings will be deploying more than 80 aircraft.

Hot Spot for the Price War is Spain

Particularly for flights to Spain, ticket prices will hit rock bottom. There are already a large number of routes from the UK, but since October, yet another competitor, the no-frills airline Norwegian, has thrown its hat in the ring with holiday flights to the south. Therefore, for summer holiday plane tickets, it is all the more worthwhile to compare the offers of all the airlines including Ryanair, Vueling, Air Berlin, low-cost carrier Monarch Airlines and Norwegian. In editorial tests, Fly.co.uk has already found low-priced airline tickets from the UK to Malaga, Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Madrid and the Mediterranean for only 35 euros!

Take the Opportunity for a Dream Holiday

Those who want to travel further afield this year should therefore keep abreast of cheap airline ticket prices. And those who lose sight of their travel priorities because of the many low prices can have wonderful holiday destinations suggested to them at affordable prices.




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