Brazil’s Largest City’s Runway Not Big Enough

Image: A380 not allowed to land in Sao PauloSão Paulo is one of the most important cities in Brazil and will soon take centre stage as the Football World Championships 2014 comes to town, however international airlines may not be able to fly to São Paulo as planned because the runway does not meet the necessary standards.

What do Lufthansa, Air France and Emirates all have in common? Answer: all three major airlines planned to fly to São Paulo using the Airbus A380. This however will not be possible as the airport lacks the necessary certification. The operator of the São Paulo airport has previously made efforts to get a license for the A380, but this was unsuccessful. According to the relevant authorities, the infrastructure at the airport is still not sufficient to land such a large aircraft such as the A380. Among other things, the runway is 15 meters too narrow. The operator of the airport is now attempting to broaden both sides of the runway by 7.5 meters before the start of the Football World Championships, in order to meet the criteria. Airlines around the world are at a disadvantage as they are unable to plan how to best use their fleet.

Lufthansa frustrated with the situation.

The German airline Lufthansa, had planned on using the A380, „because there is a demand for a larger aircraft“ says Albena Jansen, head of the Brazilian Flight Market. Brazil is a market that deserves such an aircraft, confirmed the future CEO of Lufthansa Carsten Spohr. As Brazil’s economy grows, and draws more and more business travelers and tourists to the area, especially now, With the Football World Championships approaching, it would be advantageous if the São Paulo airport was able to meet the requirements, and accommodate the Airbus A380.




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