Germanwings Instates New British Connection

Image: New routes to Germany with GermanwingsFlights to Germany are very popular among tourists, whether it’s for a holiday break to the metropolis Berlin, or for a cruise down the beautiful Rhine river. Germanwings has acted as a response to the large demand, and has created two brand new routes.

The premiere was a huge success: Since Monday, the discount airline Germanwings has opened two new routes departing from the London-Heathrow airport. The flights from the Lufthansa subsidiary fly between London and Berlin- Tegel airport, as well as the port city of Hamburg. They plan to have up to 3 flights to each city per day, which is much a higher frequency than what was previously offered. The airline especially hopes to attract business travellers with this great new offer.

Touching down in Germany: Berlin-Tegel and Hamburg Airports

The Berlin-Tegel Airport is 5.0 miles away from the centre of Berlin and is well integrated within the capital city’s public transportation system, with lots of buses and express buses connecting the airport to the city centre. There are also buses from the airport that travel to nearby cities, like Dresden for example. The Hamburg Airport is also very accessible, with various buses, trams and trains running frequently to and from the airport. Berlin-Tegel and Hamburg Airports are hubs for Germanwings, so the airline offers many connections to other German cities and also many international destinations.




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