Powerful growth for the airline alliance Oneworld

Image Growth for OneworldIn just 15 years, Oneworld has grown to become the world’s leading airline alliance. It is now even enjoying powerful growth overseas, which confirms its dominance in the market. As of 31th March, TAM and U.S. Airways are the newest member of the powerful Oneworld Partner Alliance.

Since Monday, the Oneworld Alliance is stronger than ever, because candidate airlines TAM Linhas Aéreas of Brazil and U.S. Airways have now been officially accepted into Oneworld. The American airline, U.S. Airways, was previously in the Star Alliance networkdue to its partnership with Lufthansa; however, has now changed due to its merger with American Airlines, one of the five founding members of Oneworld. American Airlines and U.S. Airways merged in December 2013 to form the American Airlines Group (AAL), which is the largest airline in the world.

Oneworld’s Fleet Grows by 784 Aircraft

TAM Linhas Aéreas should not, however, be overshadowed by the US giants. The Brazilian airline from São Paulo records an annual turnover of 5.1 billion euros, transports over 30 million passengers each year and operates a fleet of more than 160 aircraft. With the addition of the U.S. Airways fleet, Oneworld’s total fleet has suddenly grown by 784 aircraft. This figure illustrates what a major step forward the airline alliance has taken this week.

Advantages of Large Airline Alliances

The more well-established an airline alliance is, the greater the benefits for the passengers. Since the early days, the networks have improved their flight operations, particularly in terms of technical cooperation.  Additionally, with code-sharing, the respective airlines coordinate their flight schedules, and offer joint frequent flyer programmes, uniform booking procedures, and reciprocal seating. All of this ultimately benefits the passenger who gains access to favourable connections as well as additional ways of finding cheap flights. The primary beneficiaries of the Oneworld Airline Alliance’s expansion are the passengers of its German member; Air Berlin. Air Berlin and its partners can now offer a greater variety of destinations in the U.S. and Brazil, provide better connections, and offer more routes for award and status miles. Lastly, a further extension of the offerings was made possible in October 2013 with the entry of Qatar Airways into the Oneworld Alliance.




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