Ryanair plans to offer flights to the USA for less than 10 pounds

Image Ryanair wants to fly cheaper to USAAs announced at an event in Ireland by Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, travellers will soon be able to fly to New York and Boston from many European cities for ten euros (£ 8.25) on the Irish no-frills airline.

Ryanair plans to offer flights from Europe to the US for a little as ten euros. The announcement came from Michael O’Leary yesterday at a hotel conference in Meath. Return flights from Boston and New York are expected to cost as little as 10 US Dollars (£ 6.00). Between 12 and 14 major European cities are slated as points of departure.

Cheap Flights to the USA too Good to be True

2014 is indeed supposed to be the year of cheap flights, but this cheap? At these ridiculously low prices, of course, you have to wonder how O’Leary expects to be able to make good on this offer. The largest European airline in terms of passenger numbers has long been known to add on many extra charges, for everything from printing your ticket, to meals, to baggage. O’Leary himself admitted that this offer of flights to the US for ten euros would not be available for all seats. A very high number of business or premium seats would be necessary in order to offset the cheaper seats.

Current Charges on Ryanair

Ryanair’s current fares differ according to whether a traveller has bought their ticket 1) online or 2) at the airport or through the call centre. In both cases, a two percent credit card fee may apply. In the second case, Ryanair also charges 15 pounds for the re-issuance of a boarding pass, a 20-pounds booking fee, 70 pounds for airport check-in and a 15-pounds check-out fee. Additionally, in both cases, they charge 5 to 15 pounds for seat reservations and boarding. Those flying with small children pay an additional 30-pounds toddler fee. The transportation of buggies and prams, child safety seats or a travel cot costs 10 to 20 pounds. Travelling with bicycles (30kg), sports equipment (20kg) or instruments (20kg) can incur charges of up to 60 pounds. The re-booking fee for missed flights is 110 pounds.

Cheap Flights to the USA – Four to Five Years Away

Realistically, according to O’Leary, it may be four to five years before the special offer becomes available, if the aircraft necessary for the transatlantic routes are acquired. However, the large demand by the gulf carriers prevents them from being able to order aircraft in a timely manner, complained Ryanair’s executive. So, in any case, passengers have to wait patiently before this kind of price level is reached. However, reasonable fares are still available to the USA at fly.co.uk, where you can already fly to Chicago for 489 pounds or to Florida for 403 pounds.




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