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From the pilot on your team at fly.co.uk: New routes, more frequent departures, optimised connections. Our pilot, Aeron will navigate you safely through the colourful world of airline news. Never miss another code sharing rebate or flight plan – Aeron will be the first to let you know. And with the fly.co.uk airline ranking system, you’ll also stay informed of the latest customer ratings.
It’s not easy being right. When flights have to be cancelled due to unusual circumstances, many passengers may not be aware of their rights. Your co-pilot Piper knows what’s what, and she will keep you informed of the latest verdicts and decisions.
Your charming stewardess Charlotte knows everything about airports all over the world. She’ll be the first to inform you of delays, construction, or strikes. Of course, Charlotte prefers to dwell on the nicer side of airports: beautiful new lounges, better transport connections, or expansions.
Head mechanic
Security and comfort on board and on the ground – your chief mechanic, Romeo, makes sure you have it! Not only does Romeo keep an eye on technical innovations, but he’s also well informed of what’s going on at your travel destination.
Frequent Flyer
Elijah jets around the world and is always trying out new routes – so who better to inform you of current price developments and airline offers than our very own frequent flyer Rick? Whether it’s 1-penny offers or decreasing fuel rates, he’s got the best tips to help you save!